Increasing Mechanical Contractor Profits by

Eliminating Job Site Inefficiencies

through off-site prefabrication

The ONLY San Francisco Bay Area UA Local 38 Prefabrication Company

providing union prefabricated boiler skids, pump skids, DX condensing unit skids, piping supports and more.

If it’s installed in Local 38, it MUST be built BY local 38 Union Members

Bay Area Pipe & Equipment provides a full suite of services

Pre-fabrication Services
3D Modeling and Spooling
Journeyman Sourced Welding
Coordination Meetings
HVAC Supplies & Materials

Stop wasting your profit margins:

❌ Job site set-up & strike (lock up/unlock) mornings, lunches/breaks, evenings (like putting away all tools, locking job boxes, rolling up all extension cords, over and over and over again…)

❌ Job site distractions and inefficiencies (like waiting for the lift for 2.5 hrs, or Bob from electrical that just has to tell you in great detail about the sandwich he had for lunch…)

❌ Job site theft/vandalism

❌ Commute times for your fabricators

❌ Travel costs for your fabricators

❌ Taking up your Foreman Manager’s & Field Guide’s time and focus (they’re busy enough already)

We know the inefficiencies of on-site fabrication, and we know you do too.

Stop wasting money paying for hours made up of walking on and off the job site, setting up and tearing down/locking up the job site for each and every shift, waiting for the elevator, wrapping their extension cords, managing/moving pipe without the proper tools… when you pay for prefabrication work, all of those inefficiencies and wasted hours are recovered.

Why Choose Bay Area Pipe & Equipment?

Your business is growing but the idea of carrying the overhead involved in managing your own off-site prefabrication shop is too cost prohibitive from all the
exorbitant fixed costs such as:

Rent/lease on the building

Outfitting all the specialized tools and equipment

Staffing union labor & covering all union dues

Training and managing quality control

Hiring and managing a shop foreman

Ensuring when it’s delivered it’s ready to be walked right onto the install location (in order and sequential…)

We take all that overhead off of your hands and provide a seamless, family operated, certified (SF-LBE/Woman Owned, CA-DGS Small Business) business, C20 & C36 contractors licenses, and ABOVE industry standard prefabrication suite of services.

Our Recent Projects

With more than 70 years combined trade experience, qualifications and experience in large construction projects, new construction, tenant improvement, and service work, we’ve supported the best in the industry.

As a featured contractor in the “Contractor Tools” newsletter as a premier business filling important niches that support the success of the broader Bay Area construction industry, check out a few notable past projects:

Our Dedicated Team

Bay Area Pipe & Equipment is dedicated to delivering a variety of construction services to its partners. We strive to create a positive working relationship with our partners to ensure a safe and productive job site.



Power Boilers

I really like working with BAPE, there’s never any hassle. It’s an honest transaction all the way through, no cutting and screaming and yelling like I’ve dealt with through other companies. It was smooth, easy.


Bill Flanery

United Mechanical

I have been in the industry for over 25 years and have never experienced the above and beyond customer service and knowledge that BAPE provides.


Orazio M.

HVAC Project Manager Manager

I have used BAPE since they first opened and have been nothing but impressed. I have shared their company information with my peers that work in the industry and they as well are impressed and continue using BAPE as a primary supplier.

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